Outreach Lecturing Fund

Mayy ElHayawi, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Stanford University Assistant Professor, 'Ayn Shams University, Egypt
Mayy ElHayawi, Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
Assistant Professor, Ayn Shams University, Egypt

The Outreach Lecturing Fund Allows US Institutions to Invite Fulbright Visiting Scholars to:

  • Give department or campus-wide lectures to students or faculty (or both);
  • Hold lectures in classrooms where the scholar can make a contribution to the discipline;
  • Meet with faculty to allow for an exchange of ideas;
  • Have informal gatherings with students and faculty;
  • Meet with community organizations or religious groups that have a special interest in international relations.

Responsibilities of Institutions and Organizations Hosting Outreach Lecturers

Institutions wishing to invite a Fulbright Scholar for an Outreach Lecturing Fund visit should develop a comprehensive plan of activities and arrangements to share with the scholar well in advance of the proposed visit. Additionally, institutions are required to return a completed workshop invitation template to OLF Staff.

Host institutions are expected to cover the following costs for the scholar:

  • Local transportation
  • Lodging accommodations 
  • Meals

It is important to inform the scholar, prior to arrival, about the support the host institution will provide. Institutions should also provide the scholar with a formal letter of invitation as early as possible. The scholar will need this letter to formally apply for an Outreach Lecturing Fund Travel Award from CIES. If an institution wishes to offer a scholar an honorarium for the guest lecture, the scholar must request a letter of approval from CIES ahead of time in order to accept the funds.

Inviting a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to your Campus

Faculty and professional staff of U.S. colleges and universities can identify scholars to invite to their campuses for Outreach Lecturing Fund visits by consulting the Fulbright Visiting (Non-U.S.) Scholar List. The 2014-15 List will be posted on the CIES Website during the first week of October, 2014.  After a suitable visiting scholar is identified, representatives of the inviting U.S. institution may contact the scholar directly via the faculty associate and host institution department information on the List, or they can contact CIES staff to obtain scholars' contact information.

Recipient of the OLF Travel Award

Outreach Lecturing Awards are provided directly to the Fulbright Visiting Scholars who apply for and receive funding approval for the proposed OLF trip. To apply for a travel award, a scholar must submit all materials to CIES at least one month before the visit is to take place. Scholars must submit a formal letter of invitation from an institution, in which the institution indicates the dates of the Outreach Lecturing Fund visit and the lecture topic, as well as a completed application form. Within one week of receiving the application, CIES will inform the scholar whether or not the Outreach Lecturing Fund Travel Award has been approved. The scholar is responsible for purchasing an airline ticket or arranging some other means of transportation, such as a train, bus or rental car. The Fulbright Visiting Scholar will receive the approved OLF travel award through a direct deposit into the scholar’s U.S. bank account within two weeks after the Outreach Lecturing Fund visit is completed and the Program Evaluation Form is submitted to CIES.

Visits to Underrepresented Institutions

For immediate consideration and approval, scholars are strongly encouraged to apply for guest lecturing visits to the following types of institutions:

  • Minority Serving Institutions (Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions AANAPISI, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions ANNH, Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCU, Hispanic Serving Institutions HSI, Tribal Colleges and Universities TCU)
  • Community Colleges
  • Small Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Geographically underrepresented institutions (universities in the Mountain States, Midwest, and South are considered geographically underrepresented) 

An OLF trip that involves visits to more than one institution is recommended to broaden the scholar’s educational and professional experience.

Grant Duration:

The length of the lecturer's stay at the institution will depend upon the particular interests of the academic community or organization and the facilities available. The period, however, should allow an opportunity for the scholar to become acquainted with the host institution. A program of two to three days is suggested; a longer period may be advisable if visits to several institutions are planned.

E-mail the Application Form together with a Letter of Invitation from the representative of the institution to be visited to OLF@iie.org.

  • OLF Application

    The U.S. Department of State provides funding, known as the Outreach Lecturing Fund (OLF), through the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES), to enable Fulbright Visiting Scholars who are in the United States, for a grant longer than three months, to accept guest lecturing invitations at colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

Every Fulbright Visiting Scholar, whose grant length exceeds three months, is strongly encouraged to maximize the impact of her/his exchange experience by giving lectures to various U.S. audiences of higher education. Therefore, the U.S. Department of State provides funding, known as the Outreach Lecturing Fund, through CIES, for travel awards to help offset the cost of traveling within the United States to all interested visiting scholars.

The principal intent of providing the OLF travel award is to benefit the U.S. students and faculty of the host institutions and their communities.  Please note: Scholars will not receive funding for trips to meet with colleagues and friends in other parts of the United States, or to attend conferences.

Outreach Lecturing Fund | FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of the OLF Award?
A: The OLF program enables Fulbright Visiting Scholars and Scholars-in-Residence who are currently in the United States for grants longer than three months to accept guest lecturing invitations at U.S. colleges and universities.

Q: Where can a scholar go on an OLF Award?
A: Scholars must go to a college or university in the United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. OLF may not be used to attend conferences. The U.S. Department of State gives priority to OLF visits to Minority Serving Institutions.

Q: What documentation is needed for the approval process?
A: Scholars must submit the OLF application form together with an invitation letter from the proposed OLF host institution(s). The OLF application form can be found at www.cies.org/olf/application.htm.

Q: How many OLF awards can a scholar receive?
A: Each scholar is eligible for only one trip.

Q: Who is responsible for making the travel arrangements and paying for the transportation?
A: The scholar is responsible for making her/his travel arrangements and purchasing the travel tickets.

Q: Can scholars go to more than one institution during an OLF award?
A: Yes.  Scholars are strongly encouraged to visit more than one institution during their OLF experience.  For example, a scholar could use one OLF award to go to Georgetown University and Howard University. Both institutions are located in Washington, DC. 

Q: How is the OLF travel award amount determined?
A: The award amount is based on a fare available for travel on the date the application is approved, rounded up to the nearest $50.  The CIES OLF contact will email the scholar an approval letter and a copy of a travel itinerary, including fare, for reference.  For example, if a fare of $321 is available, the OLF award amount will be $350.  The scholar may choose to use the route in the sample itinerary or not.  The scholar is encouraged to purchase tickets for the OLF travel promptly upon receiving the approval letter.  Waiting until closer to the travel date to purchase tickets may result in higher travel costs.  The award amount is set the date the trip is approved and is not changed based on actual costs.

Q: When will I receive the OLF travel award funds?
A: The scholar will receive the OLF travel award funds after completing the trip and submitting an evaluation and EFT Authorization form to CIES.