Outreach Lecturing Fund | FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of the OLF Award?
A: The OLF program enables Fulbright Visiting Scholars and Scholars-in-Residence who are currently in the United States for grants longer than three months to accept guest lecturing invitations at U.S. colleges and universities.

Q: Where can a scholar go on an OLF Award?
A: Scholars must go to a college or university in the United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. OLF may not be used to attend conferences. Scholars can go to any institution including large research institutes; however scholars must supplement those visits with a second visit to a targeted institution. These include Minority Serving Institutions, Community Colleges, Small Liberal Arts Institutes or Geographically underrepresented regions. For a complete list of targeted institutions, please click here.

Q: What documentation is needed for the approval process?
A: Institutions must submit the OLF application form together with an invitation letter on behalf of the scholar. Fulbright Visiting Scholars being requested must submit a copy of their Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Q: How many OLF awards can a scholar receive?
A: Preference will be given to scholars who have not yet completed an OLF, however CIES/IIE will review application requests for scholars who have already completed an OLF.

Q: Who is responsible for making the travel arrangements and paying for the transportation?
A: The scholar is responsible for making her/his travel arrangements and purchasing the travel tickets.

Q: Can scholars go to more than one institution during an OLF award?
A: Yes.  Scholars are strongly encouraged to visit more than one institution during their OLF experience.  For example, a scholar could use one OLF award to go to Georgetown University and Howard University. Both institutions are located in Washington, DC.

Q: How is the OLF travel award amount determined?
A: The award amount is based on a fare available for travel on the date the application is approved, rounded up to the nearest $50.  The CIES OLF contact will email the scholar an approval letter and a copy of a travel itinerary, including fare, for reference.  For example, if a fare of $321 is available, the OLF award amount will be $350.  The scholar may choose to use the route in the sample itinerary or not.  The scholar is encouraged to purchase tickets for the OLF travel promptly upon receiving the approval letter.  Waiting until closer to the travel date to purchase tickets may result in higher travel costs.  The award amount is set the date the trip is approved and is not changed based on actual costs.

Q: When will the scholar receive the OLF travel award funds?
A: The scholar will receive the OLF travel award funds after the OLF host institution submits an evaluation and summary of the event. Scholars are required to submit and EFT Authorization form and voided check to OLF@iie.org. Please note: Scholars cannot be reimbursed without a copy of the scholars SSN or ITIN.

Q: What documents are required after completion of the OLF travel?

A: Institutions submit an online evaluation after the event and are asked email a summary including pictures from the lecture. Scholars must submit a copy of the EFT Authorization form along with a voided check to OLF@iie.org.