Fulbright Scholar Liaison

Scholar Liaison Network

Fulbright Scholar Liaisons are a network of more than 2,000 committed individuals across the United States and its territories crucial to the promotion of the Fulbright Scholar Program within the U.S. higher education community. Participating in the Fulbright Scholar Liaison Network will allow you to internationalize your campus, raise your institution’s profile, and help your faculty members increase the impact of their research and teaching.


Does your institution have a Fulbright Scholar Liaison?
Find out here. To appoint a liaison, please e-mail us at outreach@iie.org.

For questions, comments or suggestions, contact Athena Fulay.



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Role of a Fulbright Scholar Liaison

A quarter of applicants noted Fulbright Scholar Liaisons as the reason why they applied for a Fulbright Scholar Award. Join us as we continue to grow our pool of diverse institutions within the Fulbright Scholar Liaison Network.

  • Join the conversation by attending Fulbright Scholar Liaison trainings across the country for a better understanding of the program and its benefits to your institution.
  • Inspire your colleagues by organizing a Fulbright Day on your campus for faculty and administrators.
    • Request a campus visit from a Fulbright team member.
    • Share the Fulbright calendar of events with your colleagues for  upcoming  workshops and talks in your area by Fulbright Scholar Program Alumni Ambassadors, Outreach Lecturing Fund recipients and team members.
  • Raise your institutional profile by encouraging participation through programs like the Outreach Lecturing Fund and Scholar-in-Residence programs.
  • Highlight your Fulbrighters by organizing a Fulbright Alumni reception on your campus and publicizing the names of administrators and faculty who have received grants.
    • A directory of recent participants for the Fulbright Scholar Program can be found here.
  • Stay informed through personal, monthly email updates from Athena Fulay, Senior Manager for Institutional Engagement. Share these opportunities and upcoming program initiatives with your colleagues through campus publications and listservs.

Internationalize Your Campus

Create mutual understanding through educational exchange

  • Alumni Ambassador Program - motivate and inspire your faculty and administration by inviting one of our 21 diverse Alumni Ambassadors to your campus. These fully-funded presentations cover the benefits and impact of Fulbright Scholar Program opportunities for the scholar and the institution.
  • Fulbright Day on Your Campus 
    • 1-2 hour presentation discussing the Core Fulbright application, how to craft a successful project statement and create contacts abroad
    • 20 minute individual consultations with interested applicants to discuss project specifics
    • Administrator workshop on how to use Fulbright Scholar Programs to achieve your institution’s internationalization goals
    • Informal reception for Fulbright Alumni and Visiting Scholars in the area to discuss the impact of Fulbright in their lives and to their institutions
  • Visiting Scholar Program – create institutional linkages by inviting a current Visiting Scholar to your campus for a short lectureship through the Outreach Lecturing Fund or for a semester/academic year through the Scholar-in-Residence program.

Stay Connected

Keeping up with the Fulbright Scholar Program

  • Events - find out if Fulbright is coming to your area by viewing our calendar of events, which includes Ambassador, Outreach Lecturing Fund and team member travel engagements at campuses and conferences across the United States.
  • Impact – what are current scholars doing? What has the institutional impact of Fulbright been? What are some examples of scholar projects? View our blog for answers to these questions! A new story goes up every Monday.
  • Insight – general program, regional and discipline Webinars are conducted throughout the competition  cycle, providing  detailed information to potential applicants and an interactive way to ask questions and learn from alumni. Register for an upcoming Webinar today.
  • Trainings – explore how other campuses are supporting Fulbright and get the opportunity to brainstorm new best practices through our annual Fulbright Scholar Liaison workshop trainings
    • Current institutional case studies can be found in the latest workshop training presentation located in the Virtual Toolkit.