Language Proficiency

Many awards do not require applicants to have language proficiency. Others require proficiency for teaching and/or research, while some suggest it may be useful. Consult the award and/or country program description in the Catalog of Awards for special instructions regarding language proficiency. If the matter of preference is unclear, contact the appropriate CIES program staff.

Language Proficiency Report

Applicants for awards that require knowledge of a foreign language must submit the Language Proficiency Report. The report is optional for all other awards. Consult the catalog of awards for specific requirements for your award. If you have questions such as whether a language report is required for a host institution where English is typically used or if you have native speaker fluency, contact the appropriate CIES program staff.

  • Part 1 (self-evaluation) of the report in the online application should be completed as appropriate
  • Part 2 (formal evaluation) of the report is completed by the appropriate foreign language instructor through the online application reference system.