Rhonda Jones

Scholar Information

Title: Public Historian and Archivist
Discipline: History
Specialization: Public/Applied History & Archival Admin
Home Institution: Northeastern University
Department: Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project
School: School of Law
City: Dorchester
State: Massachusetts
Country: United States

Grant Information

Scholar Type: U.S. Scholar
Academic Year: 2018-2019
Program Country: Senegal
Grant Type: Lecturing
Start Date: November 2018
End Date: September 2019
Project Title: African American History and Thought From The Civil Rights Movement Through the Age of Obama and The History of the Jim Crow South and the Civil Rights Movement

Host Institution

Faculty Associate: Dr. Terence Wesley-Smith
Department: Centre for Pacific Studies
City: Dakar-Fann
Country: Senegal