Asseta Kagambega

Scholar Information

Title: Lecturer/researcher
Discipline: Biology
Specialization: Biological Research
City: Ouagadougou
Country: Burkina Faso

Grant Information

Scholar Type: Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar
Academic Year: 2018-2019
Program Country: Burkina Faso
Grant Type: Research
Start Date: March 2019
End Date: August 2019
Project Title: Genomic Analysis of Salmonella Strains Isolated From Poultry and Humans to Understand the Epidemiology of Salmonellosis in Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso

Host Institution

Faculty Associate: Dr. Jonathan G. Frye
Department: Bacterial Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Resistance Research Unit
City: Athens
State: Georgia
Country: United States