Fulbright Scholar Directory

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E.g., 2019-10-14
E.g., 2019-10-14
Scholar Fulbright Scholar Type Program Group Program Country Discipline Specialization Home Institution Host Institutionsort descending Academic Year
Harvey, Henry U.S. Scholar Core Norway Environmental Sciences Environmental Studies Old Dominion University University of Tromso 2017-2018
Kamerling, Leonard U.S. Scholar Core Norway Film/Cinema Studies Cinematography and Film/Video University of Alaska-Fairbanks University of Tromso 2018-2019
Draxler, Bridget U.S. Scholar Norway Communications Digital Communications and Media/Multimedia Monmouth College University of Tromsoe 2015-2016
Powell, Douglas U.S. Scholar Japan Public Health Gerontological Health Harvard University University Of Tsukuba 2013-2014
Kietlinski, Robin U.S. Scholar Core Japan Area Studies Asian Studies/Civilization LaGuardia Community College University of Tsukuba 2019-2020
Crespino, Joseph U.S. Scholar Core Germany History U.S. History Emory University University of Tuebingen 2013-2014
Wood, Timothy U.S. Scholar Core Germany Literature American Literature State University of New York-Nassau Community College University of Tuebingen 2013-2014
Boag, Peter U.S. Scholar Core Germany History U.S. History Washington State University University of Tuebingen 2012-2013
Goodfield, Eric U.S. Scholar Core Germany Political Science Political Science Independent Scholar/Unaffiliated University of Tuebingen 2011-2012
Beuttler, Fred U.S. Scholar Core Germany History U.S. History United States Congress University of Tuebingen 2011-2012