Fulbright Scholar Directory

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E.g., 2019-10-22
E.g., 2019-10-22
Scholarsort descending Fulbright Scholar Type Program Group Program Country Discipline Specialization Home Institution Host Institution Academic Year
Valdivia, Angharad U.S. Scholar Chile University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Chile 2012-2013
Valdivia, Hector U.S. Scholar Mexico Biology Biology Education Research Training and/or Evaluation - Laboratory Methods and Techniques University of Michigan-Ann Arbor CINVESTAV, Center for Research and Advanced Studies 2015-2016
Valdivia, Hector U.S. Scholar Argentina Biology Biology Education Research Training and/or Evaluation - Qualitative Research Methods University of Michigan-Ann Arbor National University of La Plata 2013-2014
Valdivia, Hector U.S. Scholar Core France Medical Sciences Cardiovascular Science University of Michigan-Ann Arbor University of Paris South (Paris XI) 2017-2018
Valehov, Jasarat Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Azerbaijan Education Educational Philosophy Ministry of Education George Washington University 2019-2020
Valencia Ustarroz, Miguel Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Spain Neuroscience Neurobiology and Neurophysiology Foundation for Applied Medical Research Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 2015-2016
Valentine, Megan U.S. Scholar Core France Engineering Mechanical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara ESPCI ParisTech 2015-2016
Valentine, Tamara U.S. Scholar France Linguistics Linguistics University of Nevada--Reno Franco-American Commission for Educational Exchange 2017-2018
Valentine, Stephen U.S. Scholar Core France Chemistry Chemistry West Virginia University Universite de Bordeaux I 2018-2019
Valenzuela, Rolando U.S. Scholar Core Chile Medical Sciences Emergency Medicine University of Southern California Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 2014-2015