Curriculum Vitae - CV / Resume / Syllabi / Bibliography Guidance

Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Please ensure your curriculum vitae or resume:

  • Is tailored
  • Includes a detailed publications list
  • Does not exceed 6 pages (8 pages for the Distinguished Chair awards)
  • Includes an employment history

Please ensure your publications list:

  • Lists all publications chronologically starting with the most recent.
  • Is separated into refereed from un-refereed publications.

Course Outlines or Syllabi for Teaching and teaching/research awards

Please submit two or three course syllabi or sample course outlines relevant to your planned grant activity. 

  • The syllabi should be designed by you and expressive of your philosophy of teaching. 
  • Indicate whether they have been used previously or have been developed for your application.
  • All syllabi submitted for one application may not exceed 10 pages total.

Select Bibliography for research or teaching/research awards

Please attach a bibliography relevant to your proposed project.

  • It should reflect the current state of research on the proposed topic.
  • It should not exceed 3 pages