Core Fulbright Scholar Program Deadline Approaching

The deadline for the 2014-15 Core Fulbright Scholar Program competition is Thursday, August 1. Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program opportunities for faculty members, administrators, and professionals exist around the globe. This year there are nearly 600 awards in virtually every academic discipline and in six world regions.  The Fulbright Scholar program offers teaching, research, or combined teaching/research awards.  Applicants may search for awards by program and by academic discipline by visiting our online Catalog of Awards. Please also keep in mind several program innovations have been introduced this competition to meet the changing needs of U.S. academics and professionals. These include the TEFL award for teachers of English as a foreign language, flexible grant length options, post-doc and early career awards, and supplemented salary stipends. Here are a few specific opportunities to consider: Algeria (4382) Multiple Disciplines Applications are sought in a wide range of disciplines from geology to architecture to communications. Grantees will teach at the undergraduate or graduate levels, with an emphasis on American studies. Numerous Algerian universities are available as potential host sites. Bahrain (4384) Business and Economics Two grants are available for scholars to teach and/or conduct research. Special foci include fostering sustainable and productive public-private partnerships and issues relating to trade relationships and policy. In addition, short term Flex grants for Bahrain are available through the Middle East and North Africa Regional Research Program. Flex grants support research opportunities for 1 to 3-month segments (in the same country) over two to three consecutive academic years, for a total of approximately one semester (4 to 6 months). Belgium (4535) NATO Security Studies The grantee will teach an elective course in transatlantic security studies at the College of Europe, Brugge, and will be invited to attend the Belgian Fulbright Commission’s annual EU/NATO seminar, offering an opportunity to visit NATO headquarters. Brazil (4456) Fulbright-ALCOA Distinguished Chair in the Environmental Sciences and Engineering This award for mid-career researchers and senior faculty is part of the dynamic new academic exchange partnership between the governments of the U.S. and Brazil. The scholar will teach graduate and undergraduate courses, organize seminars, and collaborate with Brazilian faculty with the objective of highlighting the contributions of U.S. scholars to the development of environmental and engineering scholarship in Brazil. Canada (4473) Visiting Chairs in International Development Studies This award presents an opportunity for scholars in a variety of fields, from conflict analysis to international development, to teach and/or conduct research as a Visiting Chair at Carleton University, with an additional affiliation at the prestigious North-South Institute or McGill University. Colombia (4520) Fulbright-Colciencias Innovation and Technology Award Scholars in a variety of STEM fields including energy, biotechnology, agriculture and information technology are encouraged to apply to this award. Colciencias is the Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation within the Government of Colombia and is responsible for advancing public policies that promote the development and transmission of knowledge in these areas. Flex grants that support research opportunities for 1 to 3-month segments (in the same country) over two to three consecutive academic years are available. Fulbright-Fogarty Postdoctoral Public Health Award (Sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh, Peru) (4001/4002) This group of awards is available through a partnership with the National Institutes of Health Fogarty International Center. Grantees will conduct public health research at Fogarty-affiliated sites in one of eight countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Bangladesh or Peru. Hungary (4236) Laszlo Orszagh Chair in American Studies The Laszlo Orszagh Chair teaches and directs research at the undergraduate and graduate levels in topics ranging from American history to art to ethnic studies. Additional activities will depend on the specific host institution; scholars are encouraged to give presentations at other Hungarian universities. India (4431) Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Awards With the largest number of grants offered worldwide, this program offers scholars of all disciplines the opportunity to teach and/or conduct research in India’s expansive and dynamic higher education system. Grantees in South and Central Asia may also apply for a regional travel grant to give lectures at institutions in eligible countries in the region. In addition, scholars may apply for a flex grant to complete their research in multiple short term stays over two consecutive years. Italy (4533) All Disciplines in the South of Italy This award is open to scholars, particularly in science and technology, who wish to work from and focus their teaching and research on the south of Italy. Jordan (4402) Nursing This opportunity welcomes applicants specializing in adult health, oncology, women’s health, and community health nursing, among other related disciplines, to teach two graduate courses and one undergraduate course. Kuwait (4406) All Disciplines Private universities in Kuwait seek senior scholars to make an impact on the future direction of their institutions, especially in fields relating to American Studies. This award offers a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas within the Arab higher education community while enjoying a standard of living similar to that of the United States. Taiwan (4123, 4124, 4521) Arts, Education, Humanities, Professional Fields and Social Sciences Available for teaching, research or postdoctoral research, these awards welcome scholars in a range of specializations including art, dance, film, public policy, journalism and international affairs. Scholars will teach or conduct research in Taiwan’s dynamic and concentrated academic community. Tajikistan (4446) All Disciplines Applicants in fields from economics to education to global health are sought to teach classes at the undergraduate or graduate level, with some additional time for research, in this beautiful, mountainous country. In addition, grantees will be able to apply for a regional travel grant to give lectures at institutions in other eligible South and Central Asian countries. Pakistan (4444) All Disciplines Scholars will have the opportunity to increase understanding and engagement between the people of the U.S. and Pakistan through teaching and/or conducting research in a variety of disciplines. In addition, grantees will be able to apply for a regional travel grant to give lectures at institutions in other eligible South and Central Asian countries.