Heather M. Bandeen

Heather Bandeen Headshot
Education Policy
  • Title: Research and Program Development Manager
  • Project: The Effect of Gender Policy on the Perceptions of Teachers in Norway “Roving” Scholar Award
  • Academic Year: August 2014 - May 2015
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Email: hbandeen@mncounties.org

As Research and Program Development Manager, I develop and supervise new programs that support elected and appointed leaders across the state’s 87 counties. The Association of Minnesota Counties is a member-driven organization that leads in tandem with city, township, and school board associations to support local government through advocacy, education, and engagement initiatives.

I now lead a new department that oversees research, education, and engagement, supported by nonprofit and higher education partnerships. This work has resulted in $600,000+ of grant funding and an array of unique projects, including a local government supervisor academy with Metropolitan State University, a negotiation certificate with Mitchell Hamline School of Law, and a mini-documentary: “A Day in the Life of a Minnesota County Commissioner” with the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network.

While traveling by plane, train, bus, and boat, I served as a “Roving Scholar” in upper secondary schools, colleges, and prisons. I conducted workshops and teacher professional development sessions while also learning about what it means to be a teacher in Norway.

Upon my return to Minnesota, I reflected upon the policies that framed Norway’s public education system to support the health and well-being of teachers and students throughout communities. This learning transformed my professional path to now work closely with local government.

I serve as Research and Program Development Manager for the Association of Minnesota Counties where I am honored to “rove” once again. I continue the traditions of conversation, coffee, and learning that made this Fulbright experience so memorable.

Ask Me About:

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