Carleitta Paige-Anderson

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Biochemistry (Infectious Disease)
  • Title: Vice-President, Student Development and Success
  • Project: Developing Skills to Improve Core Scientific Competencies: Understanding Basic Science Principles using Infectious Disease Inquiry
  • Academic Year: March 2014 - September 2014
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I am Carleitta Paige Anderson and I lead all administrative, fiscal, operational, programmatic, and co-curricular initiatives designed to produce enhanced student competitiveness and yield higher rates of job placement and graduate/professional school acceptance. Provide professional oversight to the following offices: Dean of Students, Counseling Services, Workforce Development, Study Abroad, Health Services and Student Engagement. Gather key information essential to strategic planning and organizational alignment, and makes recommendations to the VUU President as a member of the executive cabinet. My rearch includes the scholarly examination of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program to include the participation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and opportunities for increased institutional capacity to inform the full scope and impact of the Fulbright program and mission.

As the first VUU faculty to receive a Fulbright award, I have worked to increase campus awareness of this program. During visits with key institutional stakeholders, I explain the significance of the program and how intentional investments can drastically improve the quality of our academic offerings, increase the university's brand awareness, as well as bolster diversity and inclusion efforts. As the former Faculty Senate President, I have facilitated discussions with my colleagues on the importance of international experiences and its impact on pedagogy and scholarship. As a result, I have been featured on the local PBS station to emphasize the importance of science in the local community. In addition, I have facilitated community dialog and discussion with the Science Pub RVA community organization.

Ask Me About:

  • HBCU faculty as ideal candidates for Fulbright
  • Demystifying the application process
  • Enhancing/Developing Institutional Policies that support faculty international travel
  • Transformative Aspects of Cultural Immersion
  • Taking family on Fulbright
  • Being a minority abroad (racially, and religiously)