Special Instructions for CCAS Applicants

Not all of the questions in the Core Fulbright Scholar Program application are applicable for Fulbright Community College Administrators Seminar in the Russian Federation. Use the following guide when completing the IEA application instead of the application instructions provided within the Embark online application system.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2014

When responding to the following items on the application form, use these special instructions.

Step 1: Instructions
Step 2: Application Form

Item 1: Select “Russia”
Items 2 – 20: Complete as required
Item 21: Write “Community College Administrators Seminar”
Item 22: Write “Participate in Seminar”
Item 23: Start Date = April 2015; Length = 0.5 months
Items 24 – 29: Omit
Items 30 – 33: Compete as required
Item 34: Omit (family members cannot accompany scholars)
Items 35 – 38: Complete as required

Step 3: Attachments – please attach your project statement and curriculum vitae. Please review the additional guidance provided on the project statement and CV on page two of this document.
Step 4: Supplemental Materials – Omit
Step 5: References –You may list only two references. For the third, please enter your own information as a placeholder. Please review the additional guidance provided on selecting referees on page two of this document.

Please leave the External Evaluator Completing Language Proficiency Report section blank.
Fulbright Language Proficient Report: Self-Evaluation – Omit
Publicity Survey is optional.

Step 6: Application Inspector
Step 7: Submit Application


  1. Please attach a project statement of no more than two pages, single-spaced, at least 10-point type. The project statement should address the following:
    • Your administrative responsibilities and authority for program development and international outreach at your institution

    • The reasons you wish to be considered for this program

    • The relation of this program to your current job responsibilities

    • What your expertise can contribute to Russian institutions interested in the community college model

    • The interest your institution may have in international education

    • The plans you have for sharing what you gain from this program with your institution and colleagues

    • The plans you have for activities or programs at your institution as a result of your participation in this program

    • The interest at your institution in international education

  2. Please attach a tailored curriculum vitae of no more than three pages.


You are responsible for requesting two reference letters. References should be obtained from:

  1. The person to whom you report at your institution
  2. A colleague in your field from your own or another institution who knows you and your work well and can comment on your accomplishments and experience

Note: College presidents should feel free to obtain both letters from outside their institution.

Reference letters should address the following:

  • Applicants Professional Qualifications: Evidence of achievements in the development of community college educational institutions and systems, including any international initiatives
  • Institutional Impact: Anticipated benefits to the institution of the applicant’s participation in the program; commitment of the institution to international education activities and programs
  • Applicant’s personal qualifications and qualities: Ability to work with colleagues from a variety of institutions in the U.S. and abroad and to function well in a group