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Julie West, 2014-15 U.S. Scholar filming her subjects


South and Central Asia is a dynamic, rich, and diverse region balancing a respect for traditions with increasing engagement in an interconnected world. This region ranges from the vast steppes and rugged mountains of Central Asia to the deserts and tropics of South Asia. It is attractive for U.S. faculty and professionals because of its historic, religious, cultural and geographic variety. Bountiful opportunities exist across South Asia for teaching and research. Motivated scholars have an opportunity to make a significant impact in this region, and are likely to be welcomed as the first or only Fulbright U.S. Scholars stationed at certain universities.






Jerry Jasinski, 2013-14 U.S. Scholar to India working with a colleague

India: Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Awards
With approximately 55 grants available, this is the largest Fulbright award worldwide. It is open to faculty and professionals in all disciplines at all levels to teach and/or conduct research at a plethora of institutions and organizations across the country. Grants may be 4-9 months; Flex is also available. Academics may also consider the Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Fellows award and the Fulbright-Nehru Distinguished Chair. International education administrators should consider the short-term IEA Program.

SCA: Regional Research Program
Conduct research in 2 or 3 countries in the region over 3-9 consecutive months. This award is open to academics and professionals in all disciplines, and a Ph.D. is not required.

Sri Lanka: All Disciplines
Faculty and professionals can teach and/or conduct research for 3-9 months at any appropriate institution in Sri Lanka.

Tajikistan: Multiple Disciplines
This award provides an opportunity for scholars and professionals to teach or teach/research at a university in the disciplines of Business Administration, Economics, or Information Sciences for four to nine months, and a Ph.D. is not required.

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Quotes from Scholars


Bangladesh (Teaching/Research, 2014-15)
"For a Scholar, a Fulbright is an extraordinary opportunity to have time to simply think and reflect on your work, your collaborations and the trajectory of your career... I have been a very successful research scientist for many years and I prided myself on my scientific achievements but now I see that I am ready to focus more on training the next generation of young scientists and academics... This was not something that I had seriously considered prior to this Fulbright experience."

India (Research, 2013-2014)
"This has been the most productive and rewarding 4+ months of my life, on both a personal and professional level. When my wife and I purchased a box of photographs made in India in 1945, we had no idea the journey that it would launch. Our 'Following the Box' project entailed research both in archives and in the field, as well as finding like-minded Indian artists and collaborating with them on the creation of new art works, inspired by our collection. We have forged what we hope will be life-long friendships; the overwhelmingly positive response to our work from every sector has validated our efforts beyond our expectations."

Kazakhstan (Research, 2012-2013)
"I made hundreds of friends who influenced how I perceive the world. In learning from them and teaching them about America, I changed on a personal level. It was also transformative to have my husband and daughter, neither of whom had visited former Soviet Union countries previously, travel with me. My husband now better understands my scholarly work (I have been working on former Soviet countries since 1992) and my daughter now speaks Russian. I deeply appreciate the fact that the Fulbright supports fellows' dependents."

  • Complete information on past Fulbright recipients in South and Central Asia can be found in the Scholar Directory.


Examples of Successful Projects


Ecology and Conservation of Biodiversity: Active-Learning and Inquiry-Based Pedagogy; Ants as Bioindicators to Assess Impacts of Organic Farming
INDIA, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun

Knotted Carpets, Their Iconography and Technique as Medium of Cultural Interactions and Integrations in Early Historical Northern South and Central Asia
UZBEKISTAN, INDIA and KAZAKHSTAN, SCA Regional Research Scholar

Kitchen Talk: Central Asian Women on History and Social Change
KAZAKHSTAN, Ablai Khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages, Almaty

  • Complete information on past Fulbright recipients in South and Central Asia can be found in the Scholar Directory.




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The Fulbright Specialist Program also offers short-term grants ranging from two to six weeks that focus on addressing the needs of host institutions in various countries across the region. 



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