Manage Your Specialist Grant

CIES administers the Specialist grant upon notification that a project has received final approval from ECA and the Fulbright Commission or U.S. Embassy has confirmed the selected Specialist as a grantee. Grants administration occurs on a rolling basis. The steps completed by a Specialist grantee are provided below.

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Grant Duration

The program will award grants ranging from two- to six-weeks and will make use of serial grants if deemed necessary. The grant period for a project is determined by the host institution and includes travel days to and from the host institution as well as weekends.


Grant Terms and Conditions

Grant benefits include international (Fly America Act-compliant) economy fare travel and approved related expenses plus a $200 per day grant payment. The grant payment is payable upon completion of the grant and submission of an online final report and travel expense report. Host institutions typically cover in-country costs including lodging, meals, and transportation.  
Grantees must not book any airfare before receiving authorization from CIES to do so.


Departing Grantees

Step 1)
The grantee receives a grant packet from CIES that contains a congratulatory letter, an overview of the project, the terms and conditions of the grant, and instructions for accessing the Grantee Information webpage.

Step 2)
The grantee visits the Grantee Information webpage as per the instructions, reviews the materials which includes the “Preparing to Go” document.  This document contains instructions for filling out the travel advance budget form.

Step 3)
The grantee confirms the grant dates for the approved grant period with the host institution and obtains two quotes for travel, in compliance with Fly America Act regulations, for the dates of the grant. This step is usually completed between two to six months prior to the grant start date. Please note that the grant must begin within twelve months from the originally approved start date. Postponement of the grant must receive approval from the host institution, the country’s Fulbright office, and the U.S. Department of State.

Step 4)
The grantee emails the travel advance budget form with the agreed-upon grant dates and two airfare itineraries to CIES.

Step 5)
CIES emails the grantee advising of the approved travel advance amount and permission to purchase compliant air tickets.  CIES cannot reimburse grantees for airfare that is not compliant with Fly America Act regulations.

Step 6)
The grantee receives the grant authorization document as an email PDF attachment from CIES, prints it, signs the authorization, and returns it to CIES as a scanned email attachment. Once CIES receives the countersigned grant authorization, CIES will initiate an electronic funds transfer in the amount of the travel advance to be deposited in the grantee’s bank account.

Step 7)
CIES will send the grantee an identification card for the U.S. Department of State’s Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE).

Step 8)
The grantee completes the grant as planned or informs CIES of any changes.

Returning Grantees

Step 9)
The grantee returns to the United States and submits the Grantee Final Report via the online final report system.

Step 10)
The grantee submits the Travel Expense Report along with an official receipt for airfare and any other receipts for approved reimbursable expenses via post and as scanned email attachments.  The Travel Expense Report may be found on the Grantee Information webpage.

Step 11)

Once the completed Final Report and Travel Expense documentation are received, expenses are reconciled by CIES, and an amended grant authorization document is prepared. CIES will make the final grant payment within four weeks of the receipt of the final reporting documents.