What Happens Next?

Submitting a Roster Application

After a Specialist Roster applicant has successfully submitted an application, he/she can no longer edit the application content, but the applicant can view submitted content and check the status of references. An email message will be sent to the applicant confirming receipt of the application once CIES has received both references and the application has been checked for completeness and basic eligibility. The application will then be sent for peer review. While CIES accepts applications on a rolling basis, applications are sent to discipline peer review committees eight times per year. Please see this year's peer review cycle schedule for deadlines and applicant notification dates.

Approval for the Fulbright Specialist Roster

Once a Roster applicant is approved by a discipline peer review committee, the applicant joins the Fulbright Specialist Roster for a period of five (5) years.  He/she will receive a letter from CIES with a notification that he/she has been selected and information about Roster candidacy.  (Roster applicants that are not recommended by the peer review committee are eligible to apply again after two years have elapsed from the date of notification of the result of the previous application.)

Once on the Roster, an approved applicant becomes an eligible candidate for Specialist project opportunities.  If a Roster candidate is selected for a Specialist project, his/her Roster record will be sent to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) for final approval.  Click here for information about finding a Specialist Project Opportunity.

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