Fred Kato Mutebi

Fred Kato Mutebi
Africa 2000 Network, Kampala, Uganda
Lecturing: History of Art in Uganda; History of Print Making
Host: Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN
August 2003-May 2004

Multicolor woodcut artist Fred Kato Mutebi has long used his artistry to convey the fragility of the human condition in Africa and to celebrate the natural beauty of Uganda, his homeland. Using a vibrant array of colors, the artist creates woodcut prints that depict stories about critical social events in Uganda or that portray images indigenous to the Ugandan environment. The works are made even more authentic by the artist's use of a special technique called the "progressive reduction method," which prevents the production of more than 10woodcut prints of the same composition.

As a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee, Mutebi played an integral role in imparting an appreciation for this particular art form and a passion for the country called "the pearl of Africa."

From lecturing on the history of art in Uganda and the history of printmaking, to conducting a woodcut printmaking workshop and a laboratory session for chemistry and art students, Mutebi, who has exhibited throughout Europe and Africa, introduced a new medium of expression to a welcoming audience.

"Since this was my first time visiting the United States and the longest I have been away from home, I felt that Christian Brothers University was my home away from home. This was due to the spirit of friendliness, love and care that the university offered," said Mutebi.

In addition to Christian Brothers University, Mutebi also conducted workshops at the University of the South-Sewanee, the University of Colorado, Vanderbilt University, Fisk University, Memphis College of Art, Lausanne School, Lamplight School and Hope House.

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