Fulbright Specialist Program

The Fulbright Specialist Program (FSP) promotes linkages between U.S. scholars and professionals and their counterparts at host institutions overseas. Grant Duration: Two- to six-weeks. Rolling Roster Application Deadline.

Professor Jill Belsky, Department of Society & Conservation, University of Montana (Missoula) learning about non-timber forest products from a local resident along the trail to Nasiphel, Bhutan.

Specialist Flyer (.pdf)

Collaborative Projects / Lasting Impact

The program awards grants to U.S. faculty and professionals approved to join the Specialist Roster in select disciplines to engage in short-term collaborative projects at eligible institutions in over 140 countries worldwide. Shorter grant lengths give Specialists greater flexibility to pursue projects that work best with their current academic or professional commitments. International travel costs and a per day grant payment are funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Participating host institutions cover grantee in-country costs. Read More >>

Grant Duration:

Fulbright Specialist grants for approved Roster candidates range in duration from two to six weeks. The grant period for a project is determined by the non-U.S. host institution.

Rolling Deadline for Specialist Roster Applications

Eligibility requirements apply at the time of application. Applicants must meet all of the following requirements—unless specific exemptions apply.  In matching candidates with grant opportunities, preference will be given to candidates with the most relevant professional experience.

U.S. Citizens

2013-2014 Peer Review Calendar

Review Cycle

Deadline for Applicants

Notification Date for Applicants

One January 6, 2014 February 27, 2014
Two March 3, 2014 April 24, 2014
Three May 5, 2014 June 26, 2014
Four July 1, 2014 August 21, 2014
Five September 8, 2014 October 29, 2014
Six November 3, 2014 December 19, 2014

2014-2015 Peer Review Calendar

Review Cycle

Deadline for Applicants

Notification Date for Applicants

One January 9, 2015 February 20, 2015
Two March 6, 2015 April 17, 2015
Three May 8, 2015 June 19, 2015
Four July 3, 2015 August 14, 2015
Five September 11, 2015 October 23, 2015
Six November 6, 2015 December 18, 2015

Fulbright Specialist Program Highlights

If you would like to share your own Fulbright story, submit pictures or other media from your time abroad, a blog-style entry about your grant experience, or a comment about the program itself by contacting FSPgrants@iie.org.

Fulbright Specialist Program FAQs

 Roster Applicants

  1. Am I eligible to apply to the Fulbright Specialist Program Roster?
    The Fulbright Specialist Program is open to qualified U.S. scholars and professionals in select disciplines.  Please visit the Specialist Eligibility page for eligibility information.
  2. Do I apply for a Specialist grant to a specific country or with a specific project idea in mind?
    U.S. scholars and professionals apply for admission to the Specialist Roster and are evaluated by discipline peer review committees based on their academic and professional qualifications as well as their suitability for Specialist grant activity.  Roster applicants are not applying for a grant to a specific country, and applicants do not propose project ideas.  If recommended for Roster admission, the individual then becomes eligible to be selected for an approved Specialist project that is proposed by eligible non-U.S. institutions overseas.
  3. Is there helpful material to assist Specialist Roster Applicants?
    Yes, please visit the Specialist Roster Application pages for applicant guidance.

Candidates on the Specialist Roster

  1. I received a letter stating that I was approved for candidacy on the Fulbright Specialist Roster. What does this mean?
    As a Fulbright Specialist Roster candidate, you are eligible for consideration and selection for two to six-week grant opportunities through the Specialist Program. As CIES receives requests from host institutions overseas seeking Specialists, we contact those candidates on the Roster with the most relevant professional experience to ascertain their interest and availability for the grant opportunity. CIES then sends the information of interested candidates to the overseas Fulbright offices for consideration and final selection.
  2. Now that I’m on the Roster, am I a “Fulbright Specialist”?
    A “Fulbright Specialist” is a grantee of the program. Until you have received a grant, you are considered a Fulbright Specialist “Roster candidate”. A list of Fulbright Specialists (grantees) can be found on the Scholar Directory page.
  3. As a candidate on the Roster, am I guaranteed a grant?
    No; it is possible that not all Roster candidates will receive a grant. Whether you do depends greatly on the specific kinds of requests that CIES receives from host institutions overseas. CIES will certainly contact you when we receive requests that match your expertise, and we will try to match as many candidates as possible with grant opportunities.  Additionally, CIES encourages Roster candidates to be proactive in exploring collaborations with existing overseas contacts to see if there is interest in their submitting a named Project Request.
  4. If I have already had a Specialist grant to a certain country, can I return on another Specialist grant?
    A return visit by the same Specialist must be strongly justified by the host institution in their request and might not be approved by the U.S. Department of State. A key goal for all Fulbright Scholar Programs is to achieve the greatest participation by qualified U.S. scholars and professionals. Preference is generally given to candidates who have not previously received a Fulbright Scholar grant. Any subsequent visit by a Fulbright Specialist or Scholar alumnus to the same country must build on the initial Fulbright Specialist project or Scholar grant, not repeat similar work.
  5. I know of an institution that would like to make a request for my expertise. How do they do this?
    Project Request approval is at the discretion of the local Fulbright agency in each country. Host institutions interested in hosting a Specialist must inquire about the Specialist program in their country and whether it is possible to make a request through their local Fulbright commission or the Public Affairs Office at the U.S. embassy.  Please visit the Develop and Submit a Specialist Project Request page for more information on the Project Request process.
  6. Does CIES have suggestions on how to find a potential host institution overseas and develop a project?
    Yes; information about the how to develop a project request with an institution abroad, as well as suggestions for finding an interested host institution, can be found on the Find a Specialist Project Opportunity page.
  7. Is the Fulbright Specialist Roster available to Fulbright commissions or U.S. embassies?
    Yes; the Fulbright commissions and U.S. embassies have access to the Roster through a secure website.
  8. Is the Fulbright Specialist Roster available for public viewing?
    No; only Fulbright Specialist Program staff and Fulbright offices overseas have access to the online Roster through a secure website.
  9. Do I need to reside in the United States in order to receive a Specialist grant?
    Yes; to ensure that there is an impact of the Fulbright experience in the United States (e.g. through the Specialist’s interaction with colleagues, students, and communities) as well as to promote U.S. and non-U.S. institutional affiliations, Specialist Roster candidates must reside in the United States at the time of grant approval and must intend to return to the United States after completing the grant.
  10. Will I receive a certificate of participation?
    After completion of a Fulbright Specialist grant, CIES will mail you a certificate.  Certificates are sent out once each year.
  11. When my five-year Roster tenure expires will I be able to return to the Roster?
    Subject to continued funding of the program and no subsequent policy changes, there is a three year waiting period before a Specialist may return to the Roster. If you qualify to participate in the program after the three year waiting period, please email Specialist Program staff at fulspec@iie.org for more information. You will not need to submit a new application, but updates to your record may be needed.