Fulbright Scholar List

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E.g., 2014-08-29
E.g., 2014-08-29
Scholar Fulbright Scholar Type Program Groupsort descending Program Country Field of Study Home Institution Host Institution Academic Year
Duffy-Lewis, Maureen U.S. Scholar Specialist Bulgaria Law Los Angeles County Superior Court National Institute of Justice 2013-2014
Bezdek, James U.S. Scholar Specialist Taiwan Information Sciences/Systems University of West Florida National Chiao Tung University 2012-2013
Chiappelli, Francesco U.S. Scholar Specialist Brazil Public Health University of California, Los Angeles Federal University of Minas Gerais 2012-2013
Redmond, Walter U.S. Scholar Specialist Chile Education Independent Scholar/Unaffiliated Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 2013-2014
Kelley, Robin U.S. Scholar Specialist Tanzania Public Health George Washington University Zanzibar School of Health 2012-2013
Slive, Arnold U.S. Scholar Specialist Canada Public Health Our Lady of the Lake University University of Calgary 2012-2013
Bresler, Liora U.S. Scholar Specialist Colombia Education University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ministry of Culture 2013-2014
Kang, Ezer U.S. Scholar Specialist Thailand Public Health Wheaton College, Illinois Chiang Mai University 2012-2013
Ackley, Blaine U.S. Scholar Specialist Chile Education University of Portland Catholic University of Temuco 2012-2013
Thrush, Emily U.S. Scholar Specialist Peru Linguistics University of Memphis Women's University of the Sacred Heart 2012-2013