Fulbright Scholar Directory

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E.g., 2016-10-26
E.g., 2016-10-26
Scholar Fulbright Scholar Type Program Group Program Countrysort descending Discipline Specialization Home Institution Host Institution Academic Year
Lyna, Dries Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Belgium History History University of Antwerp Duke University 2012-2013
Bernard, Philippe Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Belgium Psychology Social Psychology University Libre de Bruxelles University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2014-2015
Swinnen, Aagje Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Belgium Literature Literature Maastricht University State University of New York-Stony Brook 2013-2014
Kimmelman, Burt U.S. Scholar Core Belgium Literature American Literature New Jersey Institute of Technology Ghent University 2013-2014
Shelby, Karen U.S. Scholar Core Belgium Art History Art History CUNY Bernard M Baruch College-United States-New York Ghent University 2015-2016
Weinblum, Sharon Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Belgium Political Science Political Science Free University Of Brussels Harvard University 2012-2013
Dries, Nicky Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Belgium Psychology Applied Psychology Catholic University of Leuven Boston University 2012-2013
Terwagne, Denis Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Belgium Engineering Mechanical Engineering University of Liege Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2011-2012
Mileski, Joan U.S. Scholar Core Belgium Business Business Texas A&M College at Galveston World Maritime University 2010-2011
Nihoul, Paul Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Belgium Law Legal Research Catholic University of Louvain American University 2010-2011