Fulbright Scholar List

The directory will be updated with 2014-2015 Fulbright Scholar Grantee information on October 1, 2014.

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E.g., 2014-09-30
E.g., 2014-09-30
Scholar Fulbright Scholar Type Program Groupsort descending Program Country Field of Study Home Institution Host Institution Academic Year
Wu, Mark U.S. Scholar Specialist India Law Harvard University National Law University 2013-2014
Kelly, Michelle U.S. Scholar Specialist Uganda Public Health Sonoma State University Uganda Christian University 2012-2013
Bain Butler, Donna U.S. Scholar Specialist Russia Linguistics American University Udmurt State University 2012-2013
Lototsky, Sergey U.S. Scholar Specialist Israel Information Sciences/Systems University of Southern California Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2012-2013
Zive, Joel U.S. Scholar Specialist Rwanda Public Health University of Florida National University of Rwanda 2012-2013
Novotny, Vladimir U.S. Scholar Specialist Italy Urban Planning Northeastern University University of Pavia 2012-2013
Al-Bilali, Judyie U.S. Scholar Specialist South Africa Drama/Theater Arts New York University University of the Western Cape 2012-2013
Thomas, Edward U.S. Scholar Specialist South Korea Education Graceland University Sahmyook University 2012-2013
Noble, William U.S. Scholar Specialist South Africa Mathematics University of Washington African Institute for Mathematical Sciences 2012-2013
Frumin, Boris U.S. Scholar Specialist Latvia Area Studies New York University Latvian Academy of Culture 2012-2013