Fulbright Scholar Directory

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E.g., 2016-06-02
E.g., 2016-06-02
Scholar Fulbright Scholar Type Program Group Program Country Discipline Specialization Home Institution Host Institutionsort descending Academic Year
Harrison, Trevor Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Canada Political Science Political Science University of Lethbridge Kennesaw State University 2010-2011
Gavidia Cannon, Oswaldo Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Scholar-in-Residence Peru Law Law Pontifical Catholic University of Peru Kennesaw State University 2011-2012
Kern, Leslie Alexandra Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Canada Geography Geography, W. Europe & Canada Mount Allison University Kennesaw State University 2015-2016
Mendes Fernandes Junior, Raul Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Scholar-in-Residence Guinea Bissau Anthropology Social Anthropology University Amilcar Cabral Kennesaw State University 2015-2016
Podgornov, Fedor Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Russia Physics Physics South Ural State University Kent State University 2012-2013
Turanov, Alexander Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Russia Physics Physics Zavoisky Physical-Technical Institute RAS Kent State University 2012-2013
Yaroshchuk, Oleg Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Ukraine Physics Physics Institute of Physics, NASU Kent State University 2012-2013
Dudarko, Oksana Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Ukraine Chemistry Chemistry Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine Kent State University 2012-2013
Mendy, Louis Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Senegal Literature American Literature Cheikh Anta Diop University Kent State University 2012-2013
Asipova, Nurbubu Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Kyrgyz Republic Education Education Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University Kent State University 2012-2013