Fulbright Scholar Directory

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Scholar Fulbright Scholar Type Program Group Program Country Discipline Specialization Home Institution Host Institution Academic Year
Ahmed, Nesar Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Bangladesh Agriculture Farm Management Bangladesh Agricultural University University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 2013-2014
Ahmed, Nizam Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Bangladesh Political Science Government Chittagong University State University of New York at Albany 2010-2011
Ahmed Nasr, Mamdouh Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Scholar-in-Residence Egypt Economics Economics Ain Shams University Bethune-Cookman University 2010-2011
Ahmed Salem Denna, Zekeria Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Mauritania Political Science African Politics University of Nouakchott University of Florida 2010-2011
Ahn, Byeong Il Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core South Korea Economics Economics Korea University University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 2012-2013
Ahn, Byeong Seok Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core South Korea Business Business Chung-Ang University San Jose State University 2011-2012
Ahn, Jaehong Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Seminar South Korea Education Educational Administration University of Ulsan Institute of International Education 2014-2015
Aiakova, Zhargal Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Russia Theology/Religion World Religions Buryat State Academy of Agriculture University of San Diego 2013-2014
Aidoudi Ep Ahmed, Sallouha Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core Tunisia Biology Biology Sciences University Bizerte (Jarzouna) Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute 2011-2012
Ainapure, Varsha Non-U.S. (Visiting) Scholar Core India Education Comparative Education Nagindas Khandwala College of Commerce Temple University 2012-2013