The Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Mexico


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Fulbright NEXUS Regional Scholar Program


The Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Mexico


The United States-Mexico Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange (COMEXUS) will host the second group meeting for the Fulbright NEXUS Regional Scholar program in Querétaro, Mexico in October 2011.


COMEXUS is the principal binational organization dedicated to pursuing understanding between Mexico and the United States through educational exchanges by citizens of both countries who have demonstrated academic excellence. Mexico´s close and complex relationship with the United States provides a rich environment for exchange, and cooperation around higher education has long been an important element in the binational agenda. COMEXUS acts as a catalyst for generating increasing opportunities for understanding, cooperation and development in order to create leaders to further the bilateral relationship.


Since its inception in 1990, COMEXUS has awarded over 4,500 Fulbright Garcia Robles grants.  In 2010, COMEXUS awarded over 165 grants and 121 summer grants for teachers. Mexican grantees originated from 22 Mexican states and American grantees represented over 25 states of the United States of America.  Moreover, through its indigenous grant program and workshops, COMEXUS offers greater opportunity to indigenous students wishing to study in the United States.


Fulbright Garcia Robles grants are funded by contributions from both the United States and Mexican government as well as some private funding.


For more information on COMEXUS, please visit:


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