Checklist and Special Instructions

Not all of the questions in the Core Fulbright Scholar Program application are applicable for Fulbright International Education Administrators (IEA) awards. Use the following guide when completing the IEA application instead of the application instructions provided within the Embark online application system.

Application Checklist

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Adapted application form
Project Statement (not to exceed 5 single-spaced pages)
Institutional Statement (1-2 Pages)
Curriculum Vitae (not to exceed 6 pages)
Three references

Application Instructions

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Application Form

Please answer all questions.

Professional Profile: Employment Information
Please answer all questions.

Citizenship Information
Question #12: If you are a naturalized U.S. citizen, you must provide a date of naturalization.

Academic Credentials
Question #15: You do not need a terminal degree for the IEA awards. Please enter your highest degree earned as Institution One.

Question #16: Choose the most appropriate discipline from the drop down menu.
If your discipline is not listed, choose Education for part A and International Education for part B.

Questions #19 and 20: Complete these questions regarding professional trips abroad and any previous Fulbright Scholar grants received. Only Fulbright awards administered by CIES need to be included in this section.

Project Details
Question #21: For project title, type in the appropriate option that corresponds to the IEA award you are applying for:

  • U.S.-Germany International Education Administrators Seminar
  • U.S.-France International Education Administrators Seminar
  • Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Seminar
  • U.S.-Japan International Education Administrators Seminar
  • U.S.-Korea International Education Administrators Seminar

Question #22: Enter Not Applicable

Question #23: For the length of the grant, please enter .5 months. For the start date of the grant, choose the appropriate option for the IEA award you are applying for:

  • For Germany – October 2017
  • For France – October 2017
  • For India – March 2017
  • For Japan and Korea – June 2017

Mark "NO" for Flex.

Question #24: Enter Not Applicable in the field next to Other Institution.
Questions #25 and 26: Choose Not Required.
Question #27: Skip this question.
Questions #28 and 29: Choose No.

Personal Information
Complete questions #30-33
Question #34: Skip this question. Dependents will not be accommodated on the IEA Seminars.
Complete questions #35 and 36.
Question #37: The Fulbright Race/Ethnicity Survey is optional.

Question #38: Type your name and the date to certify your application.

Enter the contact information for three references. Do not enter information for the External Evaluator Completing Language Proficiency Report (not required for IEA awards).

This is the initial step to include the information about your references. In order for your references to be notified by the online system, you must go to Step 5: Register References

Your referees should meet the following criteria:

  • One reference must be from your current supervisor.
  • One reference must be from a colleague in your field.
  • One reference can be from any colleague who can speak to your qualifications for this grant.

Fulbright Language Proficiency Report
Skip this section. The language proficiency is not required for the IEA Seminars. 

Fulbright Publicity Survey
Please fill out this survey.


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Project Statement

Your project statement should be 3-5 pages long and written in 12-point. font. You may use headers and/or bullet points to organize the key elements of your statement.


The Project Statement must address the following points:

  • Your current job responsibilities and how they relate to this grant.
  • The impact your participation would have on your career, professional development, home institution, and/or community.
  • How you would share what you have learned with your home institution and others.

Curriculum Vitae or Resume

Your CV/resume cannot exceed 6 pages.

Select Bibliography
Skip this section. A bibliography is not required for the IEA Seminar application. 

Institutional Statement (Course Outlines or Syllabi Section)
There is no specific page to upload your Institutional Statement, so please upload this document to “Course Outlines or Syllabi” on page 11 of the Attachments Section. The Institutional Statement should be 1-2 pages long, single-spaced and written in 12-point font.

The Institutional Statement must address the following points:

  • General information about your home institution (type of institution, total enrollment, number of degrees offered, etc.).
  • The number of international students on campus and where they are coming from. Please note: If you are applying for the IEA Seminar in Japan or Korea, you must include the number of Japanese or Korean students currently on your campus.
  • The study abroad opportunities available on your campus.
  • Any institutional partnerships, particularly with universities in the country where the grant takes place.
  • Any future goals/plans for internationalizing the campus.

Invitation Letter Guidelines

Skip this section. An invitation letter is not required for the IEA Seminar application. 

Required Writing Samples for Applicants in Writing and Journalism

Skip this section. Writing samples are not required for the IEA Seminar application. 

Supplemental Materials

Skip this section. There are no supplemental materials required for the IEA Seminar application. 

Register Referees

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You will need to register your three referees so they receive the reference instructions and link to submit their letter to your application. You will not be able to complete this section until you have listed your referees on page 5 of the application.

Click the button that says “Register Referee.” Choose “Fulbright Letter of Reference” and then click “Save and Continue.” You will need to reenter the name and email addresses of each of your referees. Register only three individuals as referees.

Once you hit the “Submit Registration” button, your referee will immediately receive an e-mail from The email will include a link to the online system, where they will find instructions on what to include in the letter and how to upload it.

Reference letters are due on the application deadline date.

Troubleshooting Referee Registration

If your referee has not received an email containing their instructions and login information more than a few minutes after you registered them in Step 5 of your application:

  1. Ask your referee to add the email address: to the email safe senders list or address book. This allows the email to get through even the most extensive spam filters.
  2. Once the email address is added to your referee’s email safe list or address book, you must resend the email notification.

To resend the notification email:

a. Navigate to the “Step 5 Recommendation” section of your application.
b. Select the box next to the name of the recommender.
c. Click the “Resend Registration Email” button.

If the email still does not go through:

  •  Confirm that the email address is correct.
  •  Delete the referee and add him/her again using an alternative email address.
  •  Send a request to the Embark Help Center by clicking on the link on the left hand side of your application login page.

Application Inspector

This step informs you of any required data missing from your application.

Submit Application

Enter your electronic signature and submit your application.