• Distinguished Professor and Executive Director
  • Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland
  • Lecturing and Research: Developing a Masters Program in Conflict Resolution in Israel
  • Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • January - June 2010
  • Fulbright Presentation (.PDF)
  • Curriculum Vitae (.PDF)
  • Scholar Story

Brian Polkinghorn, Ph.D. is a Distinguished Professor and Program Director in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution (CADR) and the Executive Director of the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution (BCCR) at Salisbury University.  He has been a practicing mediator since the middle 1980s and began arbitrating public, labor and construction industry disputes in 2000.  Internationally he has worked on peace processes, the launching of more than a dozen graduate programs in conflict resolution and actively intervening as a third party in water and land use issues.

Brian was a 2009-2010 Senior American Fulbright Scholar to Israel where he worked with colleagues in the Evens Program at Tel Aviv University (TAU) in the development and launch of a new Masters of Arts degree in International Conflict Resolution and Mediation.  This project coincided well with his practice, teaching scholarship and research in conflict analysis, prevention and intervention work.  He taught an elective course and a core course in the program as well as conducted a end of year study of the students’ overall experience in the program.  He also assisted his faculty colleagues and the Program Director in programmatic, administrative and curricular development activities.  He also visited a half dozen other graduate conflict resolution programs and gave guest lectures most often to share his findings on research he conducted on over 150 graduate conflict resolution programs primarily in English speaking institutions.  The Evens program was incredibly generous and made the experience both professionally and personally rewarding.  Likewise, Israel society is incredibly family friendly and this made taking his wife and three children, all under the age of ten, more meaningful.  Since 2010 Brian has been back to Israel at least ten times to teach in the Evens program, attend conferences and most notably to work with Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian scientists, scholar and policy makers on several successful, ingenious and timely cross border cooperative efforts.  Without having made it into the Fulbright program these rare and exhilarating opportunities would never have been offered.  Fulbright is a life changing experience.