• Associate Professor, Chemistry Department
  • School of Humanity and Sciences, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
  • Lecturing and Research: Carboranes in Upper-Level Organometallics Course; Synthesis, Catalysis and Stabilization of Nitroxyl and Diazene
  • University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • August - October 2010
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I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia to a family of chemists in three generations (yes, my grandmother and grandfather were chemists too).  I graduated from Moscow State University (Russia) with B.S./M.S. degree in Physical Organic Chemistry. My Masters thesis entailed a combination of synthetic studies and computational analyses of the conformational behavior of the biologically relevant di-aza- bicyclo-3.3.1-nonanes. I moved across the globe - to Utah State University where I earned my PhD in organometallic chemistry. My dissertation was entitled "Kinetic and Thermodynamic studies of the reactive ruthenium and rhodium cyclopentadienyl nitrosyl comlexes".  I completed two sets of  postdoctoral studies. While working with Professor Chris Reed at the University of Southern California and  UC-Riverside I got introduced to the wonders of carborane anion. At the University of Washington with professor Jim Mayer I learned about powerful ways of studying reaction mechanisms. I also served as a visiting Assistant Professor at Seattle University, where I realized that undergraduate college is the place where I can apply myself best as a teacher/scholar. In 2003 I joined Ithaca College Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the position of Assistant Professor, where I was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 2009.